The Cult of The Black Virgin by Ean Begg

Wow- how fortunate was I to pick up this little treasure in a Glastonbury book store whilst looking for something else? It didn’t throw itself off the shelf at me; it was already out on display.  It’s not that I got it at a cheap price as it’s cheaper on Amazon, but I probably wouldn’t have known to get this book it I hadn’t seen it sitting there.

I’ve lots of notes on this book and the subject became a major revival story for me in 2017 including visits to many of the cathedrals and churches where there are Black Madonna statues, and of course it is the continuation of my story with Taj and the first trip to France, written about on the blog Where Angels Fear to Tread?

I feel confident is saying this is a book I will hold onto and would hesitate in lending as it’s very much needed at the moment to refer to for my new work which is up and coming and very much connected to unveiling the mystery of the Black Virgin.

I’ve made some notes, but on reading through them and looking at the book again, I am already feeling to read it again very soon.  It’s quite short as half of it is a list of sites.

Queen of Sheba

Despite this name being in general use especially in  my youth, I had never really thought of where the saying came from “Who do you think you are?  The Queen of Sheba?”   Amazing that in the 20th-21st C we are still referring to a person from centuries ago from a country on the other side of the world!  The author claims that she came from what is now South Yemen – immediately I found this very interesting as that is where I was born and in fact Aden is only about a days car travel away.  The area is also where the Sabian Symbols (Saebia) are said to come from – I did not know that, so it was an area very much connected with astrology and perhaps even the first place.  It has occurred to me a few times the similarities between Aden and Eden.  The author argues the Queen of Sheeba = Black Madonna = Isis.

Anus -Page 46

Connected to the Goddess Anath and all goddesses whose names contain the syllable ‘an’ – Annus in Latin = ‘old woman’ as well as ‘fundament’, changing to ‘nonna’ in Vulgar Latin, from which our word ‘nun’ derives.  (Nonna also being Italian for granny?)   In general I have found the author to be very insightful in decoding language and understanding wordplay.

Neith – Page 43

Neith is an Egyptian Goddess known as the oldest and wisest, she is said to have said:  “I am all that has been, that is, and that will be. No mortal has yet been able to lift the veil which covers me.”

French – shuttle – ‘navette’ – is this connected to naval? Navy as in ships and seegoing and also navel as inn umbilical cord.

Maia – and the  Ark – Page 51, 52, 53

This was the first time I have seen Maia associated with midwife. This then would mean that veil is also synonymous with midwife, which makes sense. One of Maia’s names in Rome is Maiesta = majesty and this is the description given to the Black Virgins by art historians.

Page 51 and 52 go into the associations with Arc/Ark and words containing the syllable.  It also associated the Art of the Covenant with the Holy Grail, I think it is basically saying it’s the same thing?  Ark/Grail = symbol of virgin, whore, wisdom, truth without diversity. Page 53 talks of the Ark going to Ethiopia which is of course connected to the download I got in June 2016 including the information on the Rising Star caves, the Death of a continent, birth of a star etc.

With regard to page 53 in particular, I can do some research on the Ark and Arc stuff, to include the Black Meteoric stone and Stone of Scone. Noting that on the Labyrinth course, the presenters talked about angles being angels – something i have pondered on the connection with before, and then I saw that an arch which fills in the angles of a doorway or ceiling etc (as per cornicing) would be an arch-angle/angel !  Funny thing reality!

Also see below name of commune neara RennesLesBains called Arque, also a town in Northern France, and check Les Arcs too.

Finding it quite intense to transcribe these notes!

Page 55

The Black Virgin – there is an early association with a free cult.  Also, underworld – Yew – dead babies association too.

Lyons and Cybelle Page 57 & 58

Cybele – Lyons – Black Virgin cult flourishes even today here. Spoke in subterranean oracles and ecstasies  her name linked to crypt, cave, head and dome, and also related to Ka’aba, cube shape which contains the Black feminine stone, the Holy of Holies.  It was the term Holy of Holies which came to me during the insights during yoni mapping.

Cybele was worshipped from the 4th CBC at RA, which became Les Saintes Maries de la Mer! The city of Cybele is LYONS. Lyons is a city of occultism, Templars, Tarot and heresy – I’m having more understanding now too after reading the Rosslyn Chapel book. – see pic: temp1


Page 61

Black Virgin helps infants to speak, to awaken the word in them. THIS is astonishing and holds much to be explored in the way of healing and also the metaphysical meaning.

Queen Isis – Mother of Nature.

Page 62

Green of Isis – alchemists, sex of Isis.

Page 63

Isis – her name is considered to mean ‘throne’ by some.  so therefore, the seta of isis in rennes-les bains is seat of throne – ha ha.

Paris – sacred capital of Isis as selected by her? temp1.jpg

Paris etymology – Page 64

the syllable ‘IS’ is a pre-Celtic word for a holy place where there is a subterranean current of water, or telluric energy called a wouivre for special conditions for divinatory and initiatory purposes (also wouivres is mentioned in the labyrinth book along with domes/mounds, and the Rosslyn book.


Natural Goddess Sites Pages 73 & 74

Natural Goddess sites turned into churches etc and why it is difficult to discern original deity.

Bugarach Page 80 

Mt Bugarach and the rivers and sources and Rennes-Les-Bains.

Trees Page 82

Sacred sites go back to tree cults.

Page 83

Myrtle and clitoris in Greek, Murtos.  Rosmerta.

Page 94

The feminine in Alexandria and religions.  the feminine personalities of wisdom, truth etc.  Good gnostic explanations here.

Barren – Arques – Mary Page 95

Whore and wisdom and ‘the barren’.  this is bringing in another side to the ‘barren womb and bleeding heart’ stuff – how could ‘the barren’ be seen differently? even in the good? also the Gospel of Philip and ‘each a Mary’ – this describes the understanding i have that Mary is not really a name, it’s an office or description.

Arques Page 105 or 95?

Arques – Cathar, Black Virgin site near Rennes-Les-Chateau.

Useful terminology for France blog Page 105 

The term – “whether consciously or not, the church established a link…” is a helpful way of describing my France experience.

He based his spirituality on direct experience rather than on syllogisms.

an instance of a form of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn from two given or assumed propositions (premises); a common or middle term is present in the two premises but not in the conclusion, which may be invalid (e.g. all dogs are animals; all animals have four legs; therefore all dogs have four legs ).
  • deductive reasoning as distinct from induction.

Dagobert III –  Alchem of Salt – Page 109

Dagobert Kind of France murdered at Stenay where he lived – married at Rennes-Les-Chateau. Connected with SLANE in Ireland where he was said to have been taken to to get him out of the way when his father died.

Saturnalia is mentioned  – Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival in honour of the god Saturn, held on 17 December of the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through to 23 December. Wikipedia

In alchemy, the secret of sweetening the soluble salt of the sea was known in the art as the Virgin Mary or Stella Maris

Page 110

St Germaine at Rennes? Roseline – body in Les Arcs! Province. Same as Les Arcs? It could well be as Les Arcs is very close to Province, if not actually in the region.

Rennes-Les-Bains and Bourges are both on the zero meridian of Paris.




The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer

I read this at the tail end of 2017 – it was lent to me by CT who had mentioned it a few times and I was interested in reading it as there were some aspects that sounded familiar, yet also the extent of his worldly success was immense, so I was curious about where his path had taken him in comparison to mine.

Page 65


Page 138

temp 1.jpg

Page 145


Page 160


So that’s basically it for this little book as I am not feeling the need to elaborate on anything in particular nor have I have any epiphanies or isnights which I’d like to write down.