Over Givers

Over givers compensate for feelings of inferiority and lack of self-worth by over giving.

What is over giving? Therapists in particular have a tendency to be over givers. People who say they prefer giving to receiving have control issues and boundary issues.  The dark side is that og’s think they have more to give or are better but would recoil in horror and shock in believing that they give because they feel they are worth less. Over givers actually believe they have more to give than others and surely giving is better than receiving? They also tend to believe in fair play, a sense of justice and fairness… and so this will lead them to give away their extra or surplus energy once they reach their glass ceiling of energy quota…and give it away until they are back to their ‘acceptable’ belief level (comfort zone/safe zone.)  what lies at the heart of this is a deep seated unconscious belief that it’s dangerous to have more than the other person in case you’re picked on because you stand out.  Also it’s about a belief that everything has to be the same – otherwise someone might receive better treatment or less than fair treatment so a program to legislate for equallness for all is imposed… but unfortunately this disregards natural differentials in its efforts to be fair to everyone it actually destroys nature.  Fear is at the root of fairness programs/beliefs. Always it breeds resentment (re-sent, re-sending, and creating karma)


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